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2018.07 - Mural: Shanghai Yu Yuan

Final Mural

Final Mural

In July 2018 I was commissioned to paint a mural for a Shanghainese restaurant in Causeway bay. The brief was to pay homage to the style of Shanghainese artwork that had been painted in the later half of the 19th Century. What also made this project interesting was the research into the history of the Yuan Gardens in Shanghai and learning about how the gardens had come to be and then developed from generation to generation.

Below are some snaps of the final product, the work in progress as well as some of the references and rough drafts that were used in the process. The wall was approximately 12x3 feet, so in order to complete it on time I enlisted the help of Team Lunatic.

Special thanks to Malou Ko at Jam Group for overseeing the project.

A big should out to Kira, NateDoge and fctrygrl for the assist in painting.

Completed Mural

Work in Progress

References and Rough Drafts